NASS 2014

CJ turned up at a small Thursday evening inline session and had basically already won the comp. Going higher, faster and longer than anyone else there.

Burtson’s chilling steeze on the box makes 9’s look like they are 5’s and 5’s look like they are 180’s. Just incredible.

Connaire Skerrit turned more than a few heads with his super control over the entire park, earning him 2nd place in the AM and qualifying for the pro.

Carson had the most creative lines and tricks of all, executed with perfect style and a good head dip too.

Leon wins the best top mistrals and the best grabs.

Woodsy did the most technical shit on the kink rail of the weekend. I wish I had the alley oop top sides as good as him.

Atkinson is the UK’s finest and did some of the best skating all weekend in a short hour burst on the mini ramp. His best trick contribution was fucking insane and landed first try.

Dan Hemsley did two of the biggest tricks I have ever seen in real life. I was genuinely worried that he could die.

Rob Taylor was really enjoyable to watch, hitting the most notable 5’s of the weekend out of the quarter into the elvis.

Johnny and I got shafted in the first round of beer pong. The girls illegally blocked two of our shots and had several extra goes. They did play with Jägermeister though, fair enough. The gaze trash talked their way to the final but was beaten by Elliot and Carson who showed Zen like concentration. The table was then dropped kicked in true WWE fashion.

Mike Simpson wins blaine (whitey, hangover, sickness, illness, unmovable force) of the weekend.

Best quote I heard from my tent “my Mrs is a good girl, she doesn’t drink you see, she just does a bit of sniff”.

Worst quote I heard from my tent “you can stay in the tent just whatever you do don’t throw up” (the tent they were referring to was the one I was staying in).

Cypress Hill. 

Who Cares if You Listen?